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Greg Dougal Writes: Thought-Provaking Work from Artist Adrienne Silva Invites Us to Study What is Happening in Her Work and What We Can Learn From It. Our Heritage is a Rich Resource Which, the We Grow Overseas, We Seem to Understand and Embrace-How it has infarmed US. Yet is is Elusive and Eroded by the passage of time and other factors beyond our control so we cannot delay or search for hidden meaning. Adrienne Lives & Works in Lisbon Portugal, FULLY EMMED IN INVESTIGATING THE UNIVERSAL.SHE DOES NOT DIFFERENTIETE BETEK ART-MAKING AND DAILY ROUTINE. Political Philosophy is Her Grended Foundation and Forgetting Picasso's Quote. "No Painting is not doe to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war."
Recent Exhibition, Universal Art, Abroad (Europe) in Museum of Resistance and Residentia in Lisbon.A View of the World: Art Gallery Lisbon and Stellenbosch Wordfees/Literary Festival and Rhino Project In South Africa.
Commission Theme in Europe Exhibition: World View: World Suffering. In South Africa 2013 Theme Was Heavenly: Two Opposing Themes Overlapped

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